Is Intermittent Fasting for You?

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Our fasting bodies change how they select which fuel to burn, improving metabolism and reducing oxidative stress. Today’s intermittent fasting regimens are easier to stick to, and proven to help excess pounds melt away. Studies have clearly shown that our bodies respond to fasting by boosting glucagon, adiponectin and growth hormone - the hormone that helps build muscle. A scientific review in the British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease suggests that fasting diets may also help those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Intermittent fasting involves avoiding food intake for one day per week. During your cleanse day, you should drink at least four quarts of warm or cold herbal teas to support the cleansing process. I recommend a combination of herbs with anti- inflammatory and diuretic effects, such as ginger, lemon, blueberry, hibiscus, dandelion, green tea, and parsley. Alternatively, you can use an intermittent fasting support mixed into four quarts of water to drink throughout the day. If you feel overly hungry, you can consume one or two hard boiled eggs in the morning or a serving of nuts in the afternoon, but try to last the day.

You can also try your cleanse day by first consuming breakfast and then embarking on the cleansing drinks for the next 24 hours. Alternatively, you could fast all day and have a high protein meal in the evening. Lots of good options!

The benefits of fasting extend beyond just the 24 hour period, and it does get easier with time and experience. You can do this once every seven to ten days, or even more than once a week if you want to accelerate your plan. I recommend doing your cleanse days on Tuesday or Wednesdays. If you have your cheat meal on the weekend as so many of us do, this will give you a day or two of clean eating to get your insulin back in balance, lessen cravings and steady your appetite.


Originally Published: September 25, 2017

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Dr. Natasha Turner, NDContributor and Founder & Director of Clear Medicine Wellness Boutique  

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