What Is She So Happy About?

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Are you feeling happy today? If not, why not? Are you postponing your reward of happiness until you’ve met some specific criteria?

Perhaps you think you won’t deserve to be until you lose 10 pounds, land your dream job, meet your soul mate, or retire?

These are all very nice things, but if they’re your reasons for not being happy now, they aren’t serving you. The reason you want any of these things is you believe you’ll be happier when you do. So why not just choose to be happy now, for no particular reason?

The opportunities are endless. Happiness is waiting for you around every corner, every moment of the day. It’s in letting someone off the hook when you have every reason to be mad at them. It’s in focusing on a loved one’s strengths when their weakness is screaming louder. It’s in going for a calming nature walk instead of sitting stewing.

It’s in remembering that you, and you alone, are responsible for the thoughts you think, ergo the feelings you experience.

You can set yourself up for happiness by reflecting on the best moments of the day as you go to sleep. When you wake up, decide you’re happy before even getting out of bed, and keep that momentum going by expressing gratitude for your life, your loved ones, the blue sky, anything you can think of.

Being happy is not just about you. Yes, it generates endorphins that contribute to your overall wellbeing, but it goes further than that. Moods are contagious. Happy people increase happiness and decrease stress levels of others just by being around them. They’re more popular because people like to be around happy people!

Happy people look younger, live longer, and have fewer aches and pains. Over 30 studies show they get sick less often after being exposed to cold and flu germs, because they have more immune-boosting blood cells. When they do get sick, they rebound much quicker. Instead of whining about their illness, they treat it as a blessing – time to rest and rejuvenate.

Habitual happiness reduces the risk of developing diabetes or cancer, and is good for the heart! It lowers heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol. As seniors, happy people have 77 percent lower risk of heart disease.

By intentionally focusing on the positive, happy people downplay issues that stress out ‘normal’ less cheerful folk. They handle problems more effectively, with less stress. Stress ages you inside and out, so that’s a pretty big plus! They are naturally more creative problem solvers, as being happy expands your thinking and lets you think outside the box, finding creative solutions to problems.

Happiness is a habit of thought, a mental muscle that responds quickly to your efforts, paving the way for synchronicities and serendipities, keeping life an exciting adventure where you know with conviction that life is good and getting better, and something wonderful is just around the corner.


Originally Published: July 10, 2017

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Alexandria Barker, Contributor

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Alexandria Barker is a certified life coach and Soul Re-alignment practitioner, providing healing at the deepest level for lasting transformation. She is also an Infinite Possibilities Coach specializing in freeing you of limiting beliefs, enabling you to live the life of your dreams.