Three Easy Steps to Managing Holiday Stress

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With winter comes some amazing times, such as first snowfall, Christmas spirit in the air, and family and friends gathering

together. It really is the most wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, with these events come stressful moments and our anxiety levels often heighten. As much as we love the holidays and all that comes with them, we can sometimes forget to really fully enjoy them due to the stress we place on ourselves to make it the best holiday ever. So, this holiday season, don’t let the stress that creeps in supress your mental and physical health.

Here are my easy-to-do activities that will help you get through the holidays stress-free!

1. Deep Breaths – Deep breaths are the easiest way to calm your mind and body. Tricks to doing this properly are making sure to fully expand your lungs and breathe from the very bottom of your lungs with each inhale and exhale. Often, we breathe shallow in our lungs throughout our days and this depletes oxygen to our cells. Also, make sure to slow your inhales and exhales down to a slow count of five each time. This is an easy de-stressing tool you can use no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

2. Make time for yourself – With lots of gatherings, hosting, shopping, and the many lists that don’t stop, make sure you are taking time for yourself. When we forget about ourselves this is when our stress levels climb. This time can be anywhere from just 15 minutes to one hour a day. Schedule this time in and make sure this becomes non- negotiable time for you. During this time, you can do anything you wish that brings happiness to you. Make sure you do something you love such as being creative, walking, reading, taking a bath, yoga or meditation. Which brings me to my last tip...

3. Meditate – Even if you’ve never tried it before, the effects are always great for the body. Meditation calms the mind and the physical body. Just following a guided meditation for even two minutes will have a relaxing effect. Anywhere from two minutes to 20 minutes is a typical mediation time. This allows your mind to wash away the stress of the day, forget about everything that has to get done and focus on yourself and be in the moment. You will leave feeling calm, relaxed and energized. For easy guided meditations visit

Most of all have fun! Make sure you’re enjoying the holidays; after all, that’s why we celebrate them. Keep up with these three easy steps and you will be able to combat those stressful moments that are inevitable. For more tips and tools that will help you relax and de-stress, you can always visit Happy Holidays, everyone!


Originally Published: December 14, 2017

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Dana Goodfellow, RMT, Contributor and D.Ac., Meditation Teacher, Owner – Quinte Mind & Body

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Dana is the owner of Quinte Mind & Body, and has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for many years in the Belleville area. Through Dana’s love of learning and providing superior results for her patients, she has added modalities from her knowledge of the body and medical treatment. Two modalities are Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and becoming a Certified Meditation Teacher and Facilitator. As a graduate of an advanced course of Massage Therapy at Georgian College, Dana takes great pride in treating patients with many different manual techniques. After a year in practice, Dana received her certification from McMaster University for Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.