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Massage Therapy: Essential for today’s workload

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We spend eight- plus hours a day working hard at our jobs and careers. Most of our workloads don’t cater to proper biomechanics of the human body. Whether we are simply sitting at a desk for eight hours, standing at a production line performing repetitive movements, performing manual labour, building houses, working construction sites, or delivering heavy packages all day, our bodies aren’t naturally designed to perform many of these activities.

When we force our physical bodies to operate in ways it was not meant to, we start to develop imbalances and compensations within our muscle system. These compensations and imbalanced muscles can produce compression of nerves, deviations of structures, such as your vertebrae, and on-going conditions causing pain. Some of these, if not treated properly, can prevent you from performing at your job and even become life altering, such as carpal tunnel, migraines, and herniated discs through your spine.

Because we cannot always change what we have to do for our workload, we need to make sure we are taking care of our bodies and compensating for the damage we are creating.

Registered massage therapy is a very effective treatment for muscles, soft tissues and joints. By performing different techniques as needed, the soft tissues release the tension built over many hours of hard work. Creating proper blood flow to the areas, breaking up restrictive fibres in the tissues, decompressing pressure through joints and the spine, and mobilizing joints are just some of the outcomes of registered massage therapy that will help combat the workload strain on the body. When you give your body these treatments regularly, your nervous system responds properly and your muscles will stay balanced and relaxed for longer periods of time and resist the pressure of the workload.

It provides improved response to stretches and other modalities you can use to combat the strain such as heat and rest.

Registered massage therapy can also help prevent conditions in the body that are subject to workload strain. These are conditions such as arthritis, wear and tear on joints, degenerative disc disease, and frozen shoulder. If the body undergoes regular treatment or even treatment when there is a concern, the body recognizes how to heal faster and will function at a healthier level, therefore slowing down the process of these conditions developing or progressing.

Massage therapy is essential to your health with any physical workload. Think of it as a component to your health care system. If your body does not move properly without discomfort, or if you are feeling pain through your average daily activities, then this is your body telling you it needs attention. Make sure you are listening and giving your body what it needs to function at its highest potential.

You should be able to perform your daily lifestyle activities and workload without any pain or discomfort. Most companies provide coverage for their employees to receive therapy such as registered massage therapy. Look into your benefits package if you have one and take advantage of this! If you don’t treat your body properly, you’ll feel the negative effects in the long run.


Originally Published: May 15, 2017

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Dana Goodfellow, RMT, Contributor and D.Ac., Meditation Teacher, Owner – Quinte Mind & Body

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Dana is the owner of Quinte Mind & Body, and has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for many years in the Belleville area. Through Dana’s love of learning and providing superior results for her patients, she has added modalities from her knowledge of the body and medical treatment. Two modalities are Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and becoming a Certified Meditation Teacher and Facilitator. As a graduate of an advanced course of Massage Therapy at Georgian College, Dana takes great pride in treating patients with many different manual techniques. After a year in practice, Dana received her certification from McMaster University for Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.